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Netax is a quality-oriented company that produces innovative and value-added solutions with modern technologies.

About us

Transforming for the future

Focusing on R&D and innovation, Netax was founded in 2016. Since its establishment, it has been preparing its customers for "Industry 4.0", Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce and "Digital Transformation" processes, managing these processes and offering products and services in line with the purpose of its establishment.

Providing successful solutions to the industry since 2016

With our experienced teams, we produce solutions in many areas such as ERP, digital transformation, smart urbanization, e-Commerce and mobile solutions. We provide innovative and value-added solutions to our customers from different sectors such as E-Commerce, Retail, Logistics, production, education, health, finance and public.

  • ERP/SAP & CRM Solutions
  • Digital Transformation for Logistics, Retail and others
  • E-Commerce Solutions - Shopware, Shopify, Magento - etc
  • Consultancy Technology and Architects
  • Customer Oriented Solutions

We add value

We produce innovative solutions with modern technology, advanced architecture and methods

  • .Net Core, Java, Python, Scala ,Golang, Rust
  • Angular TypeScript , Vue.js, React.js
  • Flutter , React Native, Vuejs,..
  • Devops
  • Microservis, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Cloud Computing - Azure, AWS, IBM
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • AI- Generative AI- ML- Big Data

We simplify processes

We combine the Agile approach with technology. We adopt modern and lean methodologies for resource, time and cost planning to achieve the best results in software development and architectural transformations.


Professional consulting & support

We support you with the technology that best suits your goals by analyzing your needs and problems.

  • Development - Architecture
  • Devops
  • AI-ML-DataScince-GenAI
  • Digital Transformation
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Big data
  • Business Inteligience
  • Project Management

We are with you on your journey to the digital world

We support the digital transformation efforts of our customers from different sectors with our expert and professional teams. We guide companies on this journey that are trying to reach the standards required by the digital age.








Get artificial intelligence supported infrastructure with Netax experience. Take the place you deserve in the developing digital world market. Make a difference with infrastructure and technology in a market that grows every day and competition increases.

  • Customer experience - More Quality
  • Artificial intelligence-supported customer behavior analysis
  • E-Commerce & Retail - Customer deduplication with deduplication algorithms
  • Product price comparison
  • Smart Solutions - Papir.ai- LegalTech, Edutech,
  • Infrastructure support with innovative and safe technology
  • Save time and cost

Don't waste time and money dealing with separate applications and their integration. All needs can be met completely with monthly costs on a single platform, and financial risks and cash flow problems can be eliminated.

  • Finance Management
  • Procurement
  • Production Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • HR
  • Budget Management
  • Qualtiy Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Logistics and Material Management

All solutions that are not supported by mobile applications will lead to desk confinement and corporate clumsiness after a while. Responding to changing needs and the flexibility required by processes can only be achieved through mobility. can be provided

  • Speed Up the process
  • Gain flexibility and efficiency
  • Optimize other solutions
  • Increase operational capability
  • Reduce costs

Integration is one of the most fundamental problems for companies. As the number of applications increases, the management of the complex system becomes more difficult and its cost increases.

  • Access information safely and efficiently
  • Integrate internal and cross-organizational units
  • Provide real-time and transaction-based data transmission
  • Standardize data
  • Simplify the process
  • Contribute to decision processes
  • Minimize report and data processing costs

Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies are some of the rapidly developing innovation and research areas around the world today. Internet of Things (IoT) is a network structure that allows related things and devices to communicate with sensors, necessary electronics and software and transfer data.

The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is a technology that emerges by associating the Internet of Things (IoT) with people on a physical level and points to a transformation, especially in the healthcare sector. Networks formed by associating physical data with objects and software are called Internet of Behaviors (IoB).

Especially in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation processes, IoT and IoB solutions can accelerate you under the guidance of Netax.

  • Create new revenue streams in the industry
  • Make better and faster decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Test the efficiency of your processes with the help of data
  • Create a better customer experience
  • Increase production performance

CRM solutions are basically expected to streamline administrative processes in sales, marketing and after-sales services activities, protect customer relationships and increase the profitability of focusing on the customer.

In addition to the basic functions expected from CRM applications, Netax Bilişim uses technology to better recognize customers, collect and centralize customer data from multiple channels, process and make sense of the collected data with various methods, and optimize customer relations.

with NETAX:

  • Make a difference in customer relations
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Discover personalized solutions
  • Provide fast, alternative and consistent communication
  • Develop customer-centric processes

One of the main problems of companies is that distributed data coming from many applications, systems and processes that are not integrated, cannot work together.

The necessity of businesses to manage different processes makes the use of various types of applications inevitable. As the number of applications increases, the system becomes more complex, management becomes more difficult, and the operating cost of the system increases. After a while, the problems that arise as a result of this complexity begin to affect the main activity carried out.

Netax eliminates the problem of communication between different types and types of applications and corporate systems with the integration solutions it offers.

  • Access information safely and efficiently
  • Integrate internal and cross-organizational units
  • Provide real-time and transaction-based data transmission
  • Standardize data
  • Simplify the process
  • Ensure that different people can interpret the same data in the same way
  • Contribute to decision processes, make the job of decision makers easier
  • Minimize report and data processing costs

Digital transformation is no longer a choice but has become a necessity. Digitalization, which is accelerating rapidly all over the world, is forcing businesses to change their habits.

Regardless of sector and scale, every company must find transformation solutions that will carry it into the future and keep up with the digital age in order to be successful today. Companies that are late in digital transformation or make poorly planned moves have to face market losses.

Netax is ready to be your guide in your digital revolution adventure so that you can be the winner in the struggle between old and new.

  • Digital transformation consultancy
  • Process improvement
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Organizational structure
  • Transformation of infrastructure and application architectures
  • Relating the process to technology
  • Analysis of conditions and expectations
  • Long-term planning
  • Reading the Future
  • Continuous in transformationk

If you think you are suitable for one of the positions below, please contact us.

Frontend Developer

FrontEnd Develoyer
  • Min. 2 Years Experience
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Vue.js, React.js, AngularJS
  • Team Working
  • Agile, Scrum


.Net Developer
  • MVC,.net Core
  • 3 Yıl Deneyim
  • Rest Api
  • Microservis
  • Git, Git Flow

E-Commerce Developer

Shopware - Shopify
  • Shopware-Shopify-Magento
  • Min 2 years experience for one
  • Rest ve Soap Api
  • Team Working
  • English- German


  • iyi derecede PHP bilgisi
  • Min 3 years experince
  • Team working


Netax guide you on your digital journey